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Most Common FAQs

  • Are you Licensed & Insured? 

Yes In Fact We Carry General Liability, Workers Comp and Commercial Auto Insurance.
We also hold a California Contractors License, Bonded for $25,000 & Murrieta Business License. Visit Our About us page for documentation & coverage limits

  • What Type of Work do you Perform?

We are a Full Service Property Maintenance Contractor. We offer:
-Pressure Washing
-Sand Blasting
-Pool Tile Cleaning
-Window Cleaning
-Paint Removal & Striping
-Parking Lot Sweeping 
Serving Both Residential & Commercial Customers

Do I Need Sand Blasting Or Pressure Washing?

  • We pride ourselves in being able to offer multiple different solutions for every project. When its comes to to a Cost Effective and Fast Basic Clean Pressure Washing is the best bet. When a deeper level of Restoration is needed Sand Blasting is the right solution easily blasting through paint, sealers and deeper more stubborn stains. 

What is Sand Blasting & What Can it Do?

  • Sand Blasting is the the process that uses compressed air up to 150 PSI  to move abrasive material through hoses to remove paints, coatings, glue, epoxy and other stubborn stains. Sand Blasting is extremely unique because it has the ability to reach into cracks, crevasses, and tight corners that others things like grinders can not.  

Where are you located & Whats your Service Area?

  • Our office is located at 41606 Date st Murrieta, California. Our Team services a wide radius from our shop location. Generally we will travel up to 100 Miles from Murrieta. In certain cases and/or for special projects we will cover the following:

  •  California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona

Is Sand Blasting Messy & Dusty? 

  • Generally the process is relatively messy given the nature. Luckily our team has customized solutions such as Water Injected (Wet Blasting) Systems, containment tarps, plastic sheeting, protective boarding, and industrial vacuums & blowers to get rid of the mess. In addition our team will generally tape and plastic wrap windows and sensitive surfaces near the blast area & Pressure Wash the area afterwards (Dependent On Application) 

How Long Does it Generally Take? Do I need to be here?

  • Duration of the job is mainly dependent on the scope of work. Basic Pressure Washing jobs like House/Driveway Washes etc. can be completed in as little as one hour.

  • Sand Blasting jobs like paint, sealer, and coating removal are generally much longer due to the slower process, longer setup/teardown time, and intensive protection methods. They can generally be completed in less than 1 day. Our team is 100% capable of completing a project while you are not around, we can send you real time updates with photos and send you a electronic payment link afterwards.

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