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Professional Hot Water Pressure Washing Services

Pressure Washing Riverside County

  • Pressure Washing is a great way to improve property appeal and even value. Our team of experts can go above and beyond typical companies possibilities and provide numerous solutions to almost any problem. We are a California Licensed Contractor #1106384

  • Whether its a 500,000 SQFT Mega Clean or just your front patio, our highly specialized equipment and Industry leading technicians will leave you understanding why so many other Home Owners and Companies trust Socal Concrete Cleaners LLC

Dumpster Pads

Oil & Grease Stains

ADA Padding

Roof Washing

Concrete Walkways

House & Buildings

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Pressure Washing Waste Water Recovery

Watch The Process Below

Our Wastewater Recovery Vacuums Allow:

  1. Closed Loop System Allowing Us to Filter and Reuse Wash Water multiple times

  2. Filter Sludge and Debris Down to 20 Microns 

  3. Discharge Back Into Planter/Vegetation Areas After Filtration

  4. Discharge Into Customer Grease Drain (If Approved) 

  5. Haul Away for Further Treatment & Disposal at Private Water Treatment Facility

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